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Double Exposure Blackjack

1 usd

A fun blackjack variation where you can see the both of the dealers cards before making your move. However this advantage comes at a cost, the dealer will win all ties and a blackjack will pay even money.Double exposure Blackjack is played the same as regular Blackjack with the following variations. Both dealer cards are dealt face up so you can see the exact score before making your move. Because of this advantage the dealer wins all ties except blackjack which will be counted as a push. Blackjacks will only pay 1:1.
This full version of Double Exposure Blackjack allows you to change various gameplay rules: - Choose to play 1, 2, 4 or eight decks of cards. - Enable splitting on any pair of 10s - Enable double-up on any first hand - Change the appearance of the table with different color schemes.Game play statistics will also be logged, see how many hands you can win and how high you can raise your balance.